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Victorycare Disability & Mental Health Services Org is an NDIS registered provider and has over 6 years’ experience supporting individuals with disabilities, ageing, and mental health. Our main goal is to assist them in living independently in their everyday lives, which will help them reach their full potential. I do believe that being disabled is not the end of their lives. You can still live a life of enjoyment and fulfilment.
So, you should opt for the services that we, as NDIS service providers in Perth, WA, offer.

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What We Do

We provide support to participants with self and plan-management.

We provide a variety of support, from short-term accommodation, long-term accommodation, shared accommodation, independent living, gardening, cleaning, community access, and community participation. Besides, we treat participants with dignity and respect their decisions. And if you are looking for NDIS service providers in Rockingham, you should connect with us since we serve this region as well.

We collaborate with not only participants but with their families and other carers too. For the benefit of the participants, we plan and design the support services and implement the same. This makes the NDIS support more effective.

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Our services include:


NDIS House Cleaning

Our support staff assists participants in making their houses immaculate step by step, using the basic cleaning tools and solutions.


Supported Independent Living

If you want to live independently as a participant, we will help you accomplish your goals by providing you with the necessary support.


NDIS Gardening and Yard Maintenance

If you are a participant and have a garden, you can rely on us since we will help you maintain the same and retain its appeal.


Specialist Disability Accommodation

We provide accommodations to participants that are disability-friendly and provide easy access in addition to unhindered movement using the disability tools.


Mental Health Support Services

Our mental health support services are aimed at improving the mental well-being and positive behaviour management of participants.


NDIS Support Coordination

Our support coordinators will assist you with managing NDIS funding and coordinate with your service delivery providers and support workers.


Personal Care

We develop individual support plans and assist participants to accomplish various personal tasks in their homes and shared spaces.


NDIS Community Participation

We will assist you in socialising with others and exploring nearby areas such as libraries, sports centres, etc. where you can meet new people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hire more than one support worker?

Whether you are a participant or a family member of the same, you can hire more than one support worker from us. However, if you already have a support worker assigned, our professionals will coordinate with him or her to provide you with the best support.

Is it possible to personalise a support plan?

Yes. At Victorycare Disability & Mental Health Services Org, we always provide custom support plans for the participants. We personalise the plans based on their needs.

What are the duty hours of the support workers?

We offer our services with flexible shifts. So, you can choose a particular shift as per your preference.

How can your support coordinators help me manage funding?

Our support coordinators will assess your budget and recommend the right support plan. They will also choose support workers and delivery providers to help manage your budget.

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