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NDIS Gardening and Yard Maintenance in Perth

Keeping your garden or yard well-maintained can be very difficult if you have physical impairments. But if you are a participant, consider your woes to be over since we at Victorycare Disability & Mental Health Services Org offer NDIS gardening and yard maintenance in Perth. We ensure quality services, so you can rest assured that your garden will be tidy and appealing.

Our support staff will use your gardening tools to get rid of dead leaves, debris, etc. They will also use your lawnmower to level the grass. Therefore, you can expect your lawn to be fully shaped.

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NDIS Gardening and Yard Maintenance in Rockingham

Apart from Perth, we also offer NDIS gardening and yard maintenance in Rockingham. So, if you are a participant in this suburb, you can opt for our service to keep your lawn healthy. Our professionals will not only use the necessary tools to keep your garden clean, but they will also guide you into using some of the tools so that you can accomplish the task all by yourself. This will ultimately help you acquire the necessary skills and reach your goals.

The support workers will work in collaboration with you to remove debris and dead leaves. They will also assist you in manuring the plants in your garden and mowing the lawn to keep it fully clean.

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Reasons to Choose Our NDIS Gardening and Yard Maintenance Service

Opt for our NDIS gardening and yard maintenance services since

  • Our support workers are licensed, experienced, and have in-depth knowledge of gardening.
  • Our professionals are compassionate and assist with gardening step by step.
  • Our support workers help you develop skills with which you can perform gardening on your own.
  • We develop gardening and yard maintenance plans and implement them to help you achieve the best results.

Call us or fill out our quotation form to know more about this service or if you have any questions.

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Schedule an appointment with us by calling us at 0492 008 103 now if you require gardening and yard maintenance services. We will examine your needs and assign an expert support worker for you.

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